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Automatic Personalized Movie Trailer: “T2″


Automatic Video: “KungFu Foley”


Automatic Personalized Video: “Godzilla vs. Interval”


Automatic Personalized Game Video: “AutoBuddy”


Automatic Music Video: “Numb Celery”

Demonstrating the automation of music and video synchronization, Numb Celery uses automatic media editing functions to automatically synchronize video of celery chopping to the guitar lead in U2’s song ‘Numb’ from the Zooropa CD.


Media Streams

Marc Davis’ 1995 MIT Media Laboratory doctoral dissertation was called “Media Streams” and is an iconic visual language and system for media annotation, retrieval, and resequencing according to semantic descriptions of media content using manual, semi-automatic, and automatic techniques. The demo video shows an early version of Media Streams created in 1992.

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